Dracula Protocol


Pickle is a unique farm aggregator that allows users to automatically collect rewards (like Sushi) to grow their liquidity pool, or stake to get PICKLE.

Farming Reward - $PICKLE

Website: https://app.pickle.finance/ Address: 0x429881672b9ae42b8eba0e26cd9c73711b891ca5

Unique Features:

Jars - Stake LP tokens from Sushiswap, Uniswap, Yearn, and Curve. Earnings will auto-compound to grow your LP. No rewards will be earned from Pickle.
Farms - Stake LP tokens for chosen pools (voted by DILL holders) which will auto-compound, and earn PICKLE rewards. Reward allocation will be decided by DILL votes.
Dill - Stake PICKLE to receive a share of the protocol's earnings. DILL holder APY (at time of writing): 204.17%

Chains supported: Ethereum ✅ Polygon✅