Dracula Protocol

FAQ & How-To Guides

Which Exchanges Have Listed DRC?

Dracula-DRC is currently listed on Uniswap, Linkswap, and Bilaxy.

How Can I Buy DRC Tokens?

Follow the instructions here: 🦊 Buying DRC tokens​

I have feedback or think I found a bug in the website. How can I submit this to the team?

You can join our telegram or discord groups and start a conversation with the team regarding the issue or feedback you would like to provide.
Optionally for a more formal submission, you can log into our github page and submit an issue: https://github.com/Dracula-Protocol/frontend/issues​

Do I have to choose whether I want earned rewards in ETH or DRC when I deposit?

No. All rewards are earned and compounding in ETH. When harvesting earnings you can choose to receive either ETH or DRC as the asset to be withdrawn.

Why am I receiving an Insufficient Funds message when I try to confirm my transaction in Metamask?

If you receive a message stating 'insufficient funds' it most likely caused by not having sufficient ETH tokens in the MetaMask wallet to pay for the attempted transaction. Check your ETH token balance in your wallet and make sure you have at least enough ETH in the wallet to cover the transaction cost displayed in the transaction confirmation popup.

My deposited LP tokens don't appear in my balance!

If you've completed the deposit process as outlined in🤝 Depositing Assets and you don't see your tokens appearing as deposits on Dracula Protocol.
First, verify with the Ethereum Network to confirm the transaction was completed successfully. To check the status of transaction check your wallet address on Etherscan. If using Metamask, you can check the status of the transaction by selecting Activity within the Metamask browser extension or app.
Additionally, if the deposit transaction took a long time (20+ minutes) to complete, check your deposit by hard-refreshing (Shift+F5) on our website or completely closing your browser or wallet app and re-opening the Dracula Protocol website.
If the deposit was successful, the deposited balance will appear under "Your Deposit" on the sidebar menu for the selected pool.

Help! There are no rewards to harvest, even though I'm pretty sure I should have some!

Rewards may take up to 48 hours to appear after the initial staking and deposit.
If no rewards are reported after 48 hours, contact the official support team on Discord or Telegram. To provide the best support, please have your Ethereum wallet address available. The initial 48 hour delay is part of the normal Drain Mechanism functionality and ensures "Your Earnings" value reported is as accurate as possible.

Do I have to harvest ETH rewards from a staked LP before unstaking or withdrawing the tokens?

No! If you initiate the withdrawal function any pending ETH tokens to be harvested will be harvested with the withdraw transaction is accepted on the blockchain without any additional gas fees.

Does Dracula Protocol Reduce Gas Costs?

Yes! When liquidity pool (LP) tokens are deposited through Dracula Protocol the underlying LP token rewards are harvested and sold into ETH automatically by Dracula Protocol Drain function rather than the user paying gas to manually harvest rewards. The gas fees are paid using a portion of the revenue from all users' yields which essentially crowdfunds the transaction costs and lowers the overall average cost of claiming rewards per user.
You can read more in our documentation regarding Self-Funding Drains.

Why Can't I See Staked Tokens on Uniswap?

Sometimes users encounter issues viewing or providing liquidity on Uniswap. We recommend you use liquidity.vision | apy.vision | defiyield.info tools to provide or view liquidity.

How Can I Help to Promote Dracula Protocol?

Read our recommendations in Promoting Dracula!

I was banned in Telegram chat, now what?

Read about how to regain access after a chatroom ban in Chatroom Bans.