Dracula Protocol
Useful Links

Gas Forecasting Tools

High gas can create some really expensive transactions. Use the Gas Now forecasting tool to decide when to make your moves harvesting rewards or depositing victim LP tokens.
Gas Now โ€” ETH GasPrice forecast system based on Pending Transaction Mempool
Also check out Etherscan's historical gas tracker:

Speed up or Cancel Transactions in Metamask

Transactions taking too long or maybe you want to cancel the transaction all together.
Read about how in the MetaMask support article linked below:
How to speed up or cancel a pending transaction

Determining your Impermanent Loss (IL)

Connect your wallet to the DeFi tools listed below to see analytics and Impermanent Loss information about your portfolio.

Review LP Smart Contracts

Yield Farming Info

Verify tokens

Use Token Sniffer to verify token contract address and check for known scam token clones before buying.
Token Sniffer

Pro Tools List

Read and Investigate the most complex and clear DeFi-themed reseraches and studies.
GitHub - OffcierCia/ultimate-defi-research-base: Here we collect and discuss the best DeFI & Blockchain researches and tools. Feel free to DM me on Twitter or open pool request.
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