Victim Adapter Bounties

The Dracula Team currently offers a bounty program that offers payment to any freelance or community developers interested in helping us expand the protocol. Before starting, there are some core functions and terminology each developer should understand about victim adapters.

What is a "Victim Adapter"?

A "Victim" is an underlying platform, such as SushiSwap, that has harvestable rewards in the form of their own governance token, such as SUSHI. "Victims" are essential to Dracula Protocol as they offer yields to our users, token-holders, and the ecosystem. A "Victim Adapter" is a Solidity contract that is able to interact with the underlying platform in order to deposit, withdraw, and harvest assets on behalf of our user's deposits.

What Platforms Can I Add as a "Victim"?

Any platform that allows deposits, withdraws, and has harvestable rewards are eligible to be added as a "Victim". We currently ask that all platforms have at least $10M in Total Value Locked to be considered for an adapter.

How Much Can I Get Paid?

Upon completion of a "Victim Adapter", you will a 0.5 - 3 ETH reward. This amount varies on the "Victim" added, as complexity, time, and effort are all taken into consideration. The reward is at the complete discretion of the Dracula Team but is typically decided beforehand.

How Do I Get Started?

Developing "Victim Adapters" is generally self-directed work. Once you have a "Victim" in mind, contact a member of the Dracula Team via one of our official channels. An official team member will approve or deny the victim and offer you the contract bounty. Once agreed upon, you can begin developing the "Victim Adapter". You can start by navigating to our V2 Contracts Repo on our Github. Reach out to a team member with any questions!
Note: We will not guarantee payment for a contract that has been written without an official Dracula Team member's approval beforehand. You must contact a team member to agree upon a bounty price before working on a contract.