Dracula Protocol
Connect to MetaMask
How to connect a MetaMask wallet to Dracula Protocol v2
Before starting these instructions you will need an Ethereum Wallet to connect to Dracula Protocol. If you do not have an Ethereum wallet, follow the guide provided here.โ€‹
Open Dracula Protocol v2 website using a browser with the MetaMask extension enabled.
The Dracula Protocol Website
Select Connect Your Wallet
Select the wallet to Connect and press NEXT
Wait while MetaMask connects to Dracula Protocol
If there are DRC tokens in the wallet connected to Dracula Protocl the balance of DRC tokens in the connected wallet is displayed in the lower right of the dashboard.
Congratulations! Your wallet is now connected to Dracula Protocol!
If you do not have any DRC tokens, you can follow the buying DRC guide to learn how to purchase DRC tokens.
If you're ready to stake your DRC tokens on Dracula Protocol follow the Staking DRC guide.
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