Dracula Protocol
V1 to V2 Migration

I have DRC tokens from V1. Now V2 is live, do I have to swap tokens?

No. The DRC token is the same for both V1 and V2. No token swap necessary (or even possible) just unstake tokens from the V1 app and restake in the new V2 interface.

How do I migrate from V1 to V2?

V1 is currently being phased out. For users currently deposited in Dracula Protocol V1, please manually withdraw your liquidity provider tokens.
These same tokens will be able to be deposited into Dracula Protocol V2, so you do not have to interact with the underlying victims for this migration.
The withdrawal fee of 1% for the DRC staking pools has been disabled.
You can monitor gas prices for the Ethereum network at ETHGasStation. We recommend waiting for gas prices below 80 GWEI to withdraw, although it is entirely up to you.
Dracula Protocol V2 Launch Date & Migration
Last modified 8mo ago