Dracula Protocol
Swap for DRC
This guide assumes you already have an Ethereum wallet and you have supplied the wallet with sufficient ETH tokens to pay for gas fees and swap ETH for DRC.
If you do not have an Ethereum wallet, please follow the guide provided here to create one before continuing with this guide.

Access Uniswap

Uniswap Interface

Connect Metamask Wallet


Swap ETH or other token for DRC

Choose the Select a token button
Token Swap selection screen
First time swapping for DRC? In the 'Search name or paste' Select a token field submit the DRC Token contract address: 0xb78b3320493a4efaa1028130c5ba26f0b6085ef8
To guarantee the correct DRC token address is being use the official DRC token address found in Contract Addresses.

Select the DRC token

Enter ETH (or other token) quanity to swap for DRC

Select 'Swap'

Confirm Swap with Metamask

Submit transaction for on-chain confirmation

Confirm transaction in Metamask

Wait for Ethereum transaction to be selected from the queue and be processed.
Add DRC to Metamask after submitting the transaction.
Select Close
Check the wallet to confirm DRC tokens are now available.
Sometimes the amount of tokens received varies depending on the volatility in the token price.