Dracula Protocol
Avoiding Scams
If an offer sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Our team members will never send you a message without first making contact in the public chat room.

Please do not click links you receive in Direct Messages (DMs) from new accounts or accounts similar to the names of Dracula Protocol team members.
Malicious users, also known as scammers, often claim to be or use a name similar to a team member in their account profile. Scammers will start an unsolicited direct chat to get information from you or send links and ask that you sign into a website.
Here is an example of a scammer message posing as "Dracula Protocol Official Group Moderator."
Scammer attempting to get information about a user's wallet

What to do if you receive messages from a scammer?

Block the user.
Scammer tricks only work if messages are read and links provided are followed.
When in doubt, ask about the message or user in the group chat.
Last modified 8mo ago