Dracula Protocol

🗳️ Proposals & Voting

The current governance model uses DRC tokens for gas-less voting on Snapshot to decide key proposals and future actions of the protocol.

Review Proposals and Vote on DIPs using Snapshot

How can I create a proposal?

If you would like to raise a proposal feel free to create one on Snapshot. Use the Dracula Protocol communities on Reddit, Telegram, and Discord to solicit feedback. Reach out to a community admin for feedback on your proposal.
If your proposal gains enough momentum, the Dracula Team will raise it to an official Dracula Improvement Proposal (DIP).

What is a DIP?

A Dracula Improvement Proposal, also known as a DIP, is an official proposal raised by the Dracula Team for community vote that relates to the core functionality of the Dracula Protocol.
Major issues are currently handled internally however issues arise that would be better handled through a community vote. A DIP is a call for community vote to address an issue involving Dracula Protocol.
DRC token holders are asked to connect their wallet to Snapshot and select one of a number of options representing possible actionable outcomes of the proposal. Once the voting has closed the Dracula Team will be obligated to take action towards achieving the proposal outcome which received a plurality of votes.