Dracula Protocol

Harvest (Claim)

ATTENTION: This document is a rough draft and hasn't been fully developed yet.
The contents here-in may be incomplete, out-of-date, and modified radically in future revisions.


These instructions assume you have already deposited into Dracula Protocol by following the steps in "Depositing Assets".

Step 1: Select a Victim pool

View the list of Victim Pools at https://dracula.finance/
Select "Pools" from the menu. Select one of the Pools which contains LP tokens deposite from the connected wallet.
Pools Page on Dracula Protocol

Step 2: Harvest ETH

Once the Victim pool is selected, a sidebar menu will appear displaying the available ETH for harvest.
Select the "Harvest" button to initiate the wallet connect for the transaction to harvest ETH.
Set the gas fee, review and Accept the transaction to submit the transaction for on-chain processing.
Wait the Ethereum network to process your request.
Harvest Section on the Sidebar Menu

An initial delay of 48 hours in reporting rewards is normal, read about why in the FAQ.