A brief explanation of Dracula Protocol and our team.

What We Do For You

Dracula Protocol helps you organize your LP tokens and harvest their rewards on a single platform.
Special thanks to community member @Studz for creating this diagram
Dracula Protocol harvests victim pool reward tokens to ETH.
The harvested ETH is deposited in a yield-bearing RARI Capital ETH vault and compounds interest waiting for Dracula Protocol users to claim their earnings.
Harvesting across all victim pools and investing is completed while the user spends ZERO in gas fees beyond the initial deposits and any reward or token withdrawals they initiated.
The Drain, Dracula Protocol's term for reward harvesting, is executed every day by the Dracula Protocol team.

What You Can Do For Us

Buy or Mint Victim LP tokens and stake them on Dracula Protocol.
Staking victim pool LP tokens provides earns you ETH and also helps yourself and others staking LP tokens by providing a larger pool of earned ETH that is continuously compounding.
Another option is to stake DRC tokens in the DRC pool or with ETH in the Uniswap DRC-ETH liquidity pool.

Who We Are

We are a decentralized, open-source, and community-run protocol that is governed through our token holders. Although there is a core Dracula team, we're working to facilitate a permission-less environment through incentives and alignment with community developers and stakeholders within our ecosystem.

Our Mission

Dracula Protocol's mission is to improve the overall user experience and return on investment for both new and experienced users at a time of evolving smart contracts in decentralized finance.

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Addresses and Code are Available for Review in Contract Addresses.
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